Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tooth Snatcher

I'm certain you've heard of Tabitha Tooth Fairy, but did you know she has some helpers? As you can imagine, she's quite busy collecting the lost teeth from children around the world. This would gnot be a problem if every tooth came peacefully and quietly in the gnight, but that doesn't always happen. Every gnow and then Tabitha is challenged by a sweet pearly tooth that, for one reason or another, doesn't seem to want to go home with her. This only happens when a child is so uniquely special, kind and imaginative that gnot even his teeth want to leave his side. Imagine that! Some teeth go to great extremes to hide in super secretive little corner gnooks, hoping Tabitha doesn't spot them. When this happens, she knows just who to call - her trusty friend, the tooth snatcher. He knows how to deal with such stubborn teeth. It's gnot easy to sneak up on a tooth while remaining undetected by the child sleeping close by. It takes strength, acrobatic agility, wit and patience. Yes, all that skill is gneeded, but one look at the child and you can see why his little tooth may hesitate to leave his side.

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