Monday, January 14, 2013


In the garden, the gnomes are surrounded by flowers constantly. Each enjoys the beauty they bring, but this little guy does gnothing else but watch the flowers. He is perfectly content to sit and watch them grow. He also has an important job. Sometimes the little bees in the garden have SO many flowers to attend to, that they miss pollinating some! Flowzer the Gnome makes sure it doesn't become a problem as he helps out the bees by tending to the flowers they have missed. What an important job! He also has a best friend. She helps in the garden too, but in a different way. She helps take care of her younger brothers and they love her for it. Even if there is chaos and noise of siblings buzzing around and she may get missed in all of it, she calmly tends to what gneeds to be done just like Flowzer. And also like Flowzer, she finds time to sit and admire all the beauty, color, and art in the garden. Gno doubt the garden is a better place with these two souls in it.

Coloring contest submission by Saskia (age 12).

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