Sunday, January 6, 2013

Free Spirited Pearl

This little Pearl of a gnomeling may only be 2 seasons old, but she is already one free spirit! She is hilarious to the other gnomes and talks gnon-stop to them! She seems to always be surrounded by friends but her best friends are her big brother and her big orange cat! Most gnomes show their colors and interests in the way they dress. Gnot this little Miss! She absolutely adores art, especially painting, and she also loves singing and dancing, all completely gnaked, funny enough! This spontaneous little gnomeling might decide that today is the perfect time to visit the beach in the middle of winter. Or maybe it is a good day to be a young, free spirit and just paint! What a vibrant delight!

Coloring contest submission by Margot (age 2)

The name Margot means "pearl."

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