Wednesday, January 2, 2013


In a little corner of the garden, there lives a young gnomeling whose eyes are always big and bright, full of wonder. It seems that with everything she sees, she responds as though it is the first time she has ever seen something so amazing in her tiny life. Oh wait, maybe that's because indeed it's the first time she has ever experienced such wonder. Take bubbles for example... All the gnomes in the garden pride themselves in appreciating the simple things in life. Ask anygnome and he'd be sure to tell you that bubbles are pretty. Bubbles are fun. There is gno doubt in that, but chances are that as wonderful as he thinks bubbles are, he has still seen them many times as the seasons have passed in his life. There is gnothing as magical as the very FIRST moment of wonder when a gnomeling sees an everyday miracle for the first time in her tiny life. Just look at the twinkle in her eye! Listen to her giggle as she tries to catch the bubbles before they pop! I'm telling you, there is gnothing better than the joy of a young gnomeling experiencing the garden through gnew eyes. Magic. Pure magic.

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