Thursday, January 3, 2013

Strawberry Patch

What sort of garden do you grow? Is it filled with bright joyful flowers that make the eyes pop? Or perhaps scented herbs that make the gnose twitch in delight? Is your garden full of birds that sing to you as you smile? There are so many types of gardens out there, I'm sure it's hard to decide which one to grow. As long as your corner of the garden helps to bring smiles to others' faces and helps to make the garden a prettier place, well then I am sure you're doing something right. As for me? I have chosen to grow a strawberry patch - one that is generously sweet and always looking for a way to bring a smile to another's face. Even if a happy tear or two is shed, we will consider our efforts a success. My little strawberry patch will always be ready with a gnice word or two as everygnome could use a good compliment to brighten their day. We will always be ready for a good snuggle or squeeze, even for those from afar. Yes, I have decided that my little corner of the garden will be filled with a strawberry patch sweeter than all others. What have you decided you will grow?

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