Monday, October 1, 2012

The Scholar

I doubt you'd be surprised to hear that Gnomish history is rich with stories and lessons from seasons past. For countless generations young gnomelings have loved gathering around a gnice warm fire to hear the stories of the adventures their ancestors lived. The only thing better than a good story, with lessons on how to make the garden a better place, is one that REALLY happened! It's scholars like this little fella who deserve the thanks for the time-honored tradition of respecting and learning from the past so that the Gnomish community can know how to make their future as bright as possible. This tiny scholar has always loved history and that's why he decided to carry it on as his role in the garden. It's his passion. He has always volunteered his time in the local museum but now that he has graduated he can become the garden's official historian! He is happiest when he can share his passion with others, and the gnomes who are lucky enough to hear his stories will gnever be the same. They will gnever forget how grand Gnomish history has and will continue to be.

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