Thursday, October 25, 2012

Miss Gnomer

The gnomes have always been able to celebrate the simple things, and there is gno better example than their big annual carnival celebration to honor the deepest of Gnomish traditions - laughing at the simple things in life, like how silly even our words can be sometimes.  Surely you can think of a word or two that would make you giggle if you just took a moment to consider it.  "Fireflies" aren't actually made out of fire.  "Shooting stars" aren't actually stars at all, though the word "meteor" simply doesn't sound nearly as magical.  Regardless, it should come as gno surprise that the gnomes are able to celebrate such gnonsense every season with a great big, highly popular carnival.  Eek!  This gnomette is so excited!  The carnival includes a seasonal competition to find a queen who will represent the community and all the qualities they stand for.  Crowning a queen is quite the process.  Competitors are interviewed by judges until a perfectly beautiful soul is found.  This year, they couldn't have picked a more deserving gnomette to wear the crown.  Isn't she beautiful, inside and out?  Being Miss Gnomer is one of the most exciting, wonderful times of her life, being pampered and chauffeured around, and of course being adored.  However, it's hard work too.  She has an important job of representing her home garden and its traditions and being so deeply involved, particularly in the happy events.  The best part is meeting all the gnomes around the garden that she gnormally would gnot have ever had the chance to meet.  Bringing the spirit of carnival to those who couldn't make it to the celebration?  To say she's honored just doesn't do her blushing cheeks justice.

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