Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Growing Up

This lovely lady has a special gift. She can help things grow. This lady made it her life's ambition to teach her gnomelings how to be big in a garden that expects them to be so small. After all, she wanted to give them the best start they could possibly have. She has the best sense of humor and and taught her gnomelings how to laugh and keep smiling all through life. She also made sure her gnomelings ate the most healthy things so they could grow into strong gnomes in body as well as spirit. Her love and talent doesn't stop with her own family, though. No way! When she wasn't busy helping her her own family grow, she was involved in many events and groups from schools to gnursing to help other gnomes and their gnomelings grow strong in their own ways. Everygnome is blessed to have this lady in their lives as they bloom under her love and guidance!

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