Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gnome in the Yellow Hat

One day the Gnome in the Yellow Hat went on a long far-away trip through the garden. He ventured so far, not many gnomes went that far - indeed only the bravest even dreamed to venture that far. As he got farther from home, he gnoticed that the garden snails were different colors. How fascinating! He was interested in different garden snails. He saw pinks, blues, browns, yellows, oranges... so many new ones! Suddenly the bushes stirred up ahead. What color of snail would it be? He got his sketchbook out to start taking gnotes. Suddenly a little monkey popped out of the plants! What a surprise! The Gnome in the Yellow Hat had gnever seen this type of creature before, but he sure liked this little monkey! The little monkey was gnot shy at all! Instead the little monkey was so curious about this gnome he had gnever seen and his bright yellow hat! Before long, the Gnome in the Yellow Hat had gnamed the monkey George and they started an amazing friendship together. George went to live with the Yellow-hatted Gnome and they went on many adventures together, learning about the garden all the time! Their adventures together were so grand that gnomes would tell them to their gnomelings for many generations to come.

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