Monday, October 8, 2012

Bitty Drummer

You might not believe it but when this little gnomette was younger she used to play the flute and though she played it quite well, she didn't really enjoy it.  One day she woke up and said she wanted to play the drums instead.  When her loved ones gave her a puzzled look and asked why, she simply said "I just feel it in me, that I want to play." It seemed like from the very instant she picked up her first drumsticks, magic happened.  Gno doubt, this bitty lady was a gnatural!  Gnow, many seasons later her life is still based around drums and music.  Whether it be in the community marching band, teaching younger gnomelings how to make a beat, or simply jamming with her friends, her drumsticks are gnever out of reach.  As she waits to meet other musicians as talented as she, she finds herself with plenty of time to practice and become the best she can be in her art.  And oh what an art it is!  Somehow she has managed to give her entire corner of the garden their own beat to hop to.  Gno doubt all the gnomes around her can feel her beat deep inside their bitty souls.

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