Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Warm Winter Wishes

Ask anygnome in the garden why they love the winter season so much and gno doubt they'll jump at the opportunity to tell you a reason or two or three or four. It's the cool crisp morning air. It's the roasted chestnuts. It's the diamonds sparkling in the freshly fallen snow. It's little footprints in the snow leading you to warm and cozy gnests. It's building a snowgnome! Gno, wait, snow angels! It's hot cocoa melting away a frozen gnose. It's being able to see my breath in the cool winter air. It's the smile on a gnomeling's face when a snowflake lands on their gnose. It's the sparkle in their eyes when they take in the all the magic the season has to offer. It's warm fuzzy thoughts and cool crisp mornings. Yes, all the above are great reasons to love the winter season, but if you ask me, I think the REAL magic that makes all the other things possible is the love from family and friends. There is gnothing better than warm winter gnuzzles with a loved one. Snuggle up to somegnome you love, and the rest? Well they're just the warm winter wishes I have for you.

These two have magnets inside their noses! How fun is that? If they get close to each other, they can't help but gnuzzle! They have THAT much love to share!

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