Friday, October 5, 2012

My Sunflower

Some gnomes feel as though sunflowers are very close to their hearts. Some have even grown them with their loved ones for generations, season after season. Elder gnomes and gnomelings the same, they all respond to the gentle touch of a heart that has been kissed by a sunflower. Sunflowers can be magical like that. Take a look at my little sunflower. She alone changed a sad few days into a magical celebration, and my life will gnever be the same. So full of Grace, one look at her and her loved ones knew her heart had been kissed by the same sunflower as her elders. She is such a frilly girlie little gnomeling and loves holding her dolls and sitting with her loved ones while they sing to her. Sometimes she even has a little dance that is bursting from inside her tiny body. All the while, she has taken the lesson of the sunflower to heart. Lift your head high, and look towards the heavens. Life is good. Life is full of sunshine.

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