Monday, October 29, 2012

Sugar and Spice

There are many stories in Gnomish history, but it's the shared ones that hold the most meaning.  If one story can encompass two beautiful souls, then that would be... well... super.  The two would be so happy!  And so it should be - a gnice little story for two little gnomettes who like pretty things, whether that be a little rainbow, swirl, flower or bow.  Try as I may, though, even my wonderful imagination cannot think of the words to describe how beautiful these two really are, both inside and out.  They seem happy all the time!  They may argue like mad, but love each other loads.  Though in many ways they're both so different, they still have so much in common.  They both love tennis and the thought of them bouncing around to hit the ball always puts a smile to my face.  They both adore their pets, Billy the King Charles snail and Pouik the stripey caterpillar.  And together they are both a bit gnervous about moving to a gnew gnest again.  In the end, as long as they stay together, these two will continue to be filled with sugar and spice and everything gnice.

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  1. Awww adorable !!!! Perfect !!!! xx