Thursday, September 20, 2012


Look up the word "regal" in any good Gnomish dictionary and you will see it defined as "of gnotable excellence or magnificence." Spend even a moment with this tiny soul and gno doubt you will understand why it's the perfect word to describe her. She's splendid, indeed! She has always loved Gnomish history, particularly the "golden" season when the garden saw the flowering of poetry, music and literature. Oh that was a regal season! If only she could go back in time to live back then. Sigh. Alas, gnot even the gnomes know the secrets to time travel and she finds that her only alternative is to watch the dramas and read the books.  She finds herself in a far off garden and it makes her feel like she has wings to fly.  Little does she know that it's actually her heart of gold that gives her those wings.  With or without the stories of Gnomish history, she is regal indeed - as everygnome with a heart of gold is.

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