Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wee Wild

In a particularly wee wild part of the garden, there lived a Giggle of gnomes who considered themselves to be more wild than anygnome else. They even tried to be as terrible as possible by practicing roaring their terrible roars, gnashing their terrible teeth and rolling their terrible eyes and showing their terrible claws. They practiced long into the gnight, through a day, in and out of weeks and over a year, for they knew that someday their terribly wild ways would be able to scare away anygnome who was brave enough to visit their garden. One day such a brave soul did indeed visit, but did all their practicing do the trick? Oh gno! Instead of scaring little Max away, he scared them by staring into their yellow eyes without blinking even once! Oh wow! Gnow HERE was somegnome who could teach them a thing or two about being terrible. They crowned him King of all the Wee Wilds and the wild rumpus began. Their adventures together went down in Gnomish History and those of all ages held the Wee Wild Things dearly in their hearts for generations to come.

These terrible souls and their story were inspired by "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.

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