Thursday, October 4, 2012

Holiday Wonder

Awww... Look how this tiny one's eyes are wide with wonder! He just woke up from what he felt was surely the longest little gnap ever. After his cozy little slumber, you might think it would take him awhile to open his eyes, but as he lazily trotted towards the Christmas tree, he had gno choice but to stop and stare in wide-eyed wonder. Oh My Gnomes! It seems everywhere he looked he saw gnothing but sparkles and tinsel. Even the air seemed crisp with yummy smells of holiday cheer. Could it be his imagination, or does it really seem that even the gnuzzles from his family seem filled with more love than before. Saint GNick sure does have a way with magic, doesn't he? Gno doubt this is all his fault. What a glorious sight it is. Gno, I'm gnot talking about the piles of presents under the tree or even the stockings stuffed with goodies. I'm talking about the twinkle in a gnomeling's wide eyes. Magic.

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