Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gnurse by Gnature

Everygnome who has ever been lucky enough to meet this kind hearted little gnomette knows in an instant that she wears her heart on her sleeve... uh, I mean side. Helping others is just second gnature to her. I don't think she even bothers to decide whether or gnot to do something gnice for somegnome else. She just feels completely comfortable with even complete strangers. Helping people? She LOVES it. She is the go-to gnome whenever somegome gneeds a little assistance - gnot just medical, but spiritual too. Of course she is! She's so connected with gnature that it makes sense she's able to show other gnomes how to better themselves. Being in gnature, she feels at home, at ease and comfortable. She loves to visit waterfalls - I doubt she could ever get enough of them! Whether it be spring, summer, winter or autumn, she understands that a gnome in tune with gnature is a gnome who gnot only strives to make the garden better themselves, but motivates others to do the same - just by being there for them. She's a gnurse by gnature, in every way possible.

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