Friday, March 6, 2015

Fuzzy the Princess Dog

There is more to this Fuzzy soul than meets the eye. He's Fuzzy the Princess Dog! You heard me correct. Fuzzy is actually a boy, but he can still be a princess! When Fuzzy was just a pup, he found himself a loving little family, complete with a guardian angel looking over them. From the very start, he knew this little family was perfect for him because it had two little girls ready to love him! One of the two girls had an especially big spot in her heart, just for him. As the seasons past, Fuzzy gnever learned to fetch or catch a ball, but that didn't stop the girls from loving him all the same. The two girls share a warm cozy bed, and gnot a gnight goes by when the dog and cat aren't in there some place too. This pleased this Fuzzy the Princess quite a lot. After all, the floor can be so stiff and even a big dog pillow isn't warm enough for a dog as big as Fuzzy. His kingdom may be small, but this princess dog feels like there is gno other place he'd rather be!

Coloring contest entry by Olivia (age 7)

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