Friday, March 6, 2015

Bat Cat

This crazy little soul is gnot a gnormal little gnomeling. Unlike others in the community around her, she loves the villain of the stories. They're her favorite! After all, they have more personality than any standard prince or princess. She insists that without the bad guy a story would gnot be any good. She has a point. Most gnomes are sweet and caring, but every good story gneeds a villain! It takes a special soul to see such potential in the villain of a good story, and as such, she has been given quite a job! This little bat cat is responsible for making sure all the villains in the stories you hear are surely living up to her high standards of evil, cunning and whit. She'll brush past a story so quickly you'd find yourself wondering if it was all just your imagination. Meow you see me. Meow you don't! Oh, she's good. Oh, I mean... She's bad! I think I like her the best.

Coloring contest entry by Kally (age 5)

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