Friday, March 6, 2015

Even the Smallest Things

If you were to ask her, this little lady would say that learning is one of the most fun things to do in the entire garden and she has plenty of friends to help her enjoy doing so. To most who have the pleasure of meeting her, she appears to be quite the happy-go-lucky soul, but she pays attention to even the smallest things. Why? Because she knows something most other gnomes don't. She knows that it's in the tiny details where magic is found. She loves gnature and she loves to craft even more! Sit her down with almost anything and she'll create for hours upon hours. Sticks, leaves, pinecones, dirt with just a hint of glitter in it... well you get the idea. She won't stop until she has created something special. Look at a field of blossoms and you'd likely comment on their simple beauty, but it takes stopping and smelling the flowers to really gnotice their magic. Like I said, the magic is in the details. One just has to spend the time gnoticing even the smallest things to create even the biggest of all magics.

Coloring contest entry by Jada (age 7)

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