Monday, April 13, 2015

Surly the Coffee Addict

Dwarfs have it so good. Sure they have a job to do, but I hardly call it "work" if they are able to whistle the whole day through! Personally, I think they're almost TOO content in their daily work. It's just gnot right. Gnomes, on the other hand, aren't always quite as content in their work as dwarves are. They would much rather be outside enjoying the warm sun beams or gnice gnap in the shade. Poor Surly. Sadly he lives most of the daylight hours stuck in a drab 8" x 8" cubicle. To make sure his day goes by quicker, he has developed a strong addiction to coffee. It's that first cup of black liquid caffeine that jolts Surly into action. Without it, I'm sure his calculations and programming would be a wee off. On the weekends, though, Surly does not gneed even a drop of coffee to get up and go do whatever it is that strikes his tiny fancy. Be it hiking in the woods, fishing in the stream, skiing down a mole hill or even simply spending time with loved gnomes. It's all good. Life is good. And then there is Monday... Bring it on!

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