Friday, March 6, 2015

Moon Sweeper

For a gnome as small as she, the garden sure does owe her a great big amount of gratitude! Every gnome in the garden is given a job to do and every gnome holds a great deal of respect for his own responsibility, but this gnome has all the more to be proud of. Only the biggest of souls could handle the job she has been given. She is responsible for keeping the sun and the moon in the sky above us. WHOA!!! That may seem like quite a big job for somegnome as small as she, but I assure you she can gnot only handle it, but do so gracefully too! The Moon Sweeper uses her special wings to fly up to the moon every gnight. Once there, she sweeps the moon from side to side and moves all the magical moon dust that gives the moon it's glow. Only once she is assured that the dust is evenly spread across the moon's surface does she know for certain that the moon will glow its brightest. Then she collects any extra moon dust that has piled up, placing it into her pouch and examines her work. But she's not through yet! There's still a lot of work to be done. She quickly zips across the sky to check on the sun. Occasionally it gneeds just a wee bit extra sparkle, so she takes the moon dust from her pouch and happily sprinkles it onto the sun. Without the dust, the sun would have gno glow. Oh my! Gnot a gnome in the garden denies how special this fuzzy soul is. For without her, there would be no sun or moon glowing down upon us.

Coloring contest entry by Willow (age 9)

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