Friday, March 6, 2015

Keeper of the Sunflowers

Though there may gnot seem to be much to tell about this young gnomeling, I assure you there is something special about her gnone-the-less. She loves to read and write stories. In fact, she writes a lot of stories about sunflowers and the lives she thinks they should lead. Ah ha! Gnow the costume makes sense. She must be doing field research into the lives of these beautiful flowers. She has insisted on the costume for a couple years gnow, which goes to show the level of dedication this beautiful soul has. The more she learns about the lives that sunflowers lead, the more she tries to ensure that every single sunflower is appreciated and loved to as much as they deserve to be - which is a lot! If you promise gnot to tell, I'll let you in on a funny little story. When this kind-hearted sunny soul discovered that when her beloved sunflowers grow and lose their seeds, they die away, she has done everything in her ability to make the most of each little seed. She will allow the fields to be filled with just enough sunflowers, but does gnot let a single seed go to waste. She'll keep the extra seeds safely hidden away, and promises to love them for all their potential. Awww, thank you little lady for being so special. You really are precious. Gno doubt, the garden is a sunnier place with you in it.

Coloring contest entry by Elaina (age 10)

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