Friday, March 6, 2015

Artistic Rainbows

Hmm... what can I say about this beautiful soul before my eyes? Gno longer a young gnomeling, but gnot quite a grown gnome either, it is fun watching her grow into all of her potential. It comes as gno surprise that she is very artistic and loves to sketch and paint things that the garden has yet to see. It gives her quite a thrill to see how well her masterpieces will be accepted by the Gnomish Committee of Artistic Magic judging panel. Spend even a few minutes with this talented soul and you will see that she's destined to be gifted. Gno wonder she's bored with tradition and wants to spice things up a bit. With her sarcastic sense of humor and love of all things whimsical, gnot to mention her love of acting weird just to make her loved ones laugh, this little lady is sure to paint the garden around her to be any color she wishes.

Coloring contest entry by Serena (age 11)

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