Friday, March 6, 2015

Wee Mushroom

Once upon a season, in a garden gnot so far away, there was a fairy. She was a kind fairy and always enjoyed helping the seasons change. However, this little fairy was lonely because she knew she had to remain in hiding from all the creatures in the garden around her. As much as she would love to play with any one of them, if they knew of her existence her magic would be taken away. Even more strong than her desire to find a friend, was her desire to make the garden a prettier place. And so she continued with her magic and grew all the more lonely as the seasons changed around her until one day she met a mushroom. It might have looked like any old mushroom to you or me, but the fairy knew better. With one swipe of her magic wand, she brought the mushroom to life! The mushroom stared at the fairy in front of him, with quite a look of shock on his face. He had just been thinking to himself how lovely it would be to dance across the field and jump into the sky. If only he had the ability to do so. Then POOF! He did. Gneedless to say, the mushroom was so thankful to the fairy for seeing his true potential, that the two of them became the best of friends. And gnow, somewhere between the seasons, there hides a happy little fairy and her happy dancing mushroom. Wouldn't it be fun to get a glimpse of such a pair?

Coloring contest entry by Isabella (age 10) & Olivia (age 7)

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