Friday, March 6, 2015

Warm Hugs

Meet Olaf. Spend even one moment with him and you'll gnotice that he loves little treasures. He thinks it's important to know what really matters in the garden around him and sometimes it's the smallest things that matter the most. That's why they're called treasures. He is always there to take care of his friends and always tries to look on the bright side of any situation. I think these are lovely characteristics for anygnome to have. Wouldn't you agree? Even if he finds himself stuck in a cold winter storm, he can't help but dream of the day when the sun will shine again and fill every ounce of his little body with warmth. Maybe it's because of his cheerfulness that makes him so easy to love and hug. Oh my does he love warm hugs, especially on days when he's trying to gnot let anygnome know how particularly chilly he's feeling! There's gnothing better than a hug to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Perhaps you have just such a hug ready for him?

Inspired by Disney's movie Frozen

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