Friday, March 6, 2015

Rainbow Fairy

Meet the Rainbow Fairy. Though she may be tiny, it takes a big soul to accomplish all the potential that she has. She goes around and adds color to all the places that are grey. She is very magical and uses this skill to add magic to all the seasons. Perhaps you've seen the diamonds that glisten in the snow on a sunny day? Yep, you guessed it. That snow has been touched by her magic. All she has to do is fly past and her colors change everything around her for the better. She is special enough to light anygnome's life up. Just how does she do this, you might ask? Is it because of her magic wand? Or maybe it's the crown she wears on her head? I'll let you in on the secret, as long as you promise gnot to keep it. This rainbow fairy has a great imagination. She is usually very happy and makes friends with just about anygnome around her. She has unlimited energy and is always on the go, but most importantly, she loves to learn gnew things and every ounce of her body is full of thoughtfulness. Spend even a moment with her and you'll agree, it's because of these things that she has enough magic to truly change the garden around her!

Coloring contest entry by Chelsea (age 7)

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