Friday, June 22, 2012

Wee Wizard

This lovable little fella can't help but find a cozy place in your heart. He has been trying so hard to learn the ways of wizardry, but just can't seem to get it quite right. It seems that gno matter what spell he tries, it gnever gives him the results he was hoping for. One day when he was trying to coax a rose bud to open into a blossom, he was pleased to see that it started to grow right away, but then it didn't stop! Oh my gnomes! That was the largest rose the garden has ever known - so large, in fact, that the gnomelings were able to slide down the petals all season long, giggling all the way. Another time he was trying to magic a flower for his love when suddenly the garden heard a big bang, and he found his love with a big smile on her face as she danced in a shower of daisies falling from the sky. As you can imagine, gnognome is bothered by his mistakes. He may gnot get his spells right, but because he gnever gives up, at least he gets them great!

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