Saturday, June 23, 2012

Doctor Mommy

Just look at the busy feet this tender soul has! It seems she is always rushing around making sure to comfort and heal those who are sick and hurting around her. Sometimes a gnome may be sad or not feeling quite so warm and fuzzy inside, but when they catch sight of her caring eyes, big heart, and stethoscope, they know they are in good hands. What an important job! In everygnome's life there comes a time when they don't feel quite as giddy and full of energy as gnormal, and when that happens they're so thankful for this caring angel. Her magic works especially well for her little ones. Bumps and scrapes sometimes gneed a trip to the doctor, but most of the time they gneed a kiss, a hug and a really fun Band-Aid! This is something only their mommy can provide, so how fortunate for them she is their mommy AND a doctor! She might be super busy keeping up with all the demands the garden has, but this little lady can rest easy knowing she has the biggest heart of all! And all the gnomes in the garden (especially her loved ones) can sleep peacefully, safe and happy because they have her close by.

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