Monday, June 4, 2012

Lucky Soul

You may gnot believe in the magic of unicorns, but those in the gnome community have gno doubts that magical creatures exist. After all, if the unicorn doesn't exist, then doesn't that mean gnomes don't exist either? What gnonsense. Look at this little gnome. You can see him with your very own eyes and touch him with your very own fingers. Of course he exists! Though only a truly lucky soul gets the opportunity to see him. If you happen to gnotice this little fella scampering about pretending to be as majestic as a real unicorn, then consider yourself lucky for having such an adorable gnomish soul close by. With him in your garden, surely you will start to gnotice the flowers looking brighter and the grass looking greener. You're a lucky soul but gno doubt you deserve the magic.

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