Monday, June 11, 2012

Warm and Cozy

There might gnot be another soul who understands how important it is to stay warm and cozy like this little lady does. She loves everything as long as you can describe it with the word "warm" or "cozy." Put the two words together and she can't help but do a little happy dance. She loves to crochet so that she can make fuzzies to keep her loved ones warm and cozy too. It has even taught her two relax. There is gnothing better than curling up with a cup of tea or hot cocoa, grabbing some yarn and getting to work. The silly lady has even falling asleep while making something special. I guess that goes to show just how relaxed feeling warm and cozy can make a gnome. In the end, it always fills her heart to hear how much others love what she makes for them. Gnothing beats feeling warm and cozy. Gnothing.

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