Sunday, June 24, 2012

Be Strong

Sometimes life in the garden doesn't go exactly as you planned. Heck! Sometimes it even goes drastically different than you ever imagined it would. It seems like just yesterday you were sitting in your home all warm and cozy, and in a flash your life changes. What once was a cheerful garden filled with colors is now covered in black and grey, and it's this very moment that this tiny team of fuzzy souls steps in to do their job. As soon as they heard the gnews, they did gnot hesitate to jump into action. With a hop and a squeak, they jump into the pockets of the young ones who seem to be confused about what is happening. From their perch inside the pocket, the tiny gnomes can be sure to whisper tiny reminders in the child's ear. You may be confused right now but it will be ok. Surrounded by loved ones, you are strong. Be strong. Be you, and soon you will be surrounded by color again.

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