Sunday, June 3, 2012


You might be surprised by looking at this sweet little lady that her days in the garden have gnot always been rose colored. Like so many of us she had her fair share of challenges to overcome since she was a young gnomeling. Perhaps that's simply a part of growing up? Like some gnomes, she found herself wondering how she could bring beauty into the garden when it seemed that she was constantly surrounded by thorns. She was told that everygnome had their way of adding their own little magic to the garden and making it a better place. Deep in her tiny body she knew that to be true, but sometimes it's gnot easy to be so much bigger than your tiny body allows you to be. With a little hop and a bit of determination, gnot to mention the typical gnomish proportions of optimism, this lady continued to grow in her little garden of thorns. Then one day something magical happened. She realized she was surrounded by roses. Blooming full of gnew beginnings, this tiny soul emerged bright, pretty and as fresh as a daisy... errr... rose. Those around her gnever doubted her ability to bloom as they have always known she belonged with the roses. Bloom where you're planted and magic will come to you.

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