Friday, June 1, 2012

Tiny Bucket Filler

Did you know that if somegnomes does something mean then they think they are filling your bucket, but they aren't. They're called Bucket Dippers. But if you are gnice, then you are a Bucket Filler. And if your bucket is full then you are happy. I do not like Bucket Dippers. If you are a Bucket Dipper then other gnomes will not want to be your friend. These are the rules and everygnome in the community knows them. Honestly, I think they're pretty good rules. After all, they must work because I have yet to see a sad gnome. Think about it. Have you ever seen a sad gnome? I didn't think so. Gnomes love hanging around Bucket Fillers because they're the most fun and gnomes like having fun! Perhaps if this tiny gnome sees you being a Bucket Filler she'll want to play with you too!

The first part of this story was taken verbatim (w/ a gnomey twist of course) from my daughter's explanation of the concept of Bucket Fillers. This gnome is for her classroom so I figured that would be appropriate.

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