Sunday, June 10, 2012


This shy little gnomeling might gneed just a tiny bit of encouragement. She often looks up at the sky, in awe of the bright rainbows above. She lives on the coast, right gnext to the sea, so her garden gets a lot of rainbows, each more stunning than the last. Someday she would like to be as bright as the other rainbows, but she fears she may gnever be that bold. Pssst! If you can keep a secret, she'll tell you her dream... Someday she would like to find a little family to love. Perhaps one who also likes to spend their time together in the vegetable garden, enjoying the magic that the fresh breeze seems to bring? Or maybe a little family who loves to sit down to share a cup of tea together and talk about their dreams? Someday she wants to find a family. She will help brighten their days, and maybe, just maybe she'll realize that because she can dream big, she is just as bright as the bold rainbows she so admires.

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