Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Butterflies and Wildflowers

Oh wonderful! Look at how much is packed into this tiny soul! It's quite apparent she is so big in a garden that expects her to be so small. She's gnearly two seasons old and so she loves suprising her loved ones with gnew behaviors and knowledge every day. When she's out frolicking in the garden she loves to pick flowers to sniff, all the while gathering rocks and sticks to keep as her treasures. With one look she knows which rocks are special, and sometimes it seems the only thing that can distract her from collecting treasures is a beautiful butterfly. When she sees one fluttering about, she is mesmerized. Since she's packed with energy, and curious about everything, it's gno surprise that she doesn't hesitate to take her doggie friend with her, chasing the butterfly all around the garden. It's gnot long until the two friends find themselves circling around the wildflowers. Lupines, pansies and iris - it's so hard to pick a favorite! Luckily this little gnomeling knows you don't have to pick any flowers to enjoy their beauty. Such a happy gnomeling and always full of bright smiles for everygnome, it just gets more and more fun as the days go on. Gno doubt the garden is a more joyful place with her laughter floating through the air.

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