Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Four Seasons

It's hard to imagine but there was once a time when these four little souls did not get along very well. At least not in gnome standards. They were even known to send each other gnot-so-gnice looks every now and then! Gasp! The horror! The problem was that they each felt like the others were getting in their way. Spring's duty was to protect and nurish seedlings so that they could eventually grow into beautiful flowers. Summer was in charge of maintaining the flower beds and keeping everygnome happy with bright sunny days. Autumn was responsible for gathering the harvest while still trying to find time to clean old growth off of the trees. And it was Winter's job to keep the air cool and crisp and to inspect the snowflakes to ensure they were each unique. As you can imagine, it was hard for them to all work together, until one day they had a brilliant idea! Let's take turns! So now when Spring is working hard to nurish the fragile new life, the other three sit back and take a mini-vacation knowing that soon it will be their turn to work hard. I think it's a brilliant idea, don't you?

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