Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Lady Smiles

Meet Little Lady Smiles. It seems to me that she is a perfect little bundle of absolutely everything a gnome would want to be, and "smiles" is the theme. She is very young and innocent at heart, but has a gnomazing imagination. She gnever has a problem coming up with ideas for ways for her brother and sister to play with her, always bringing a smile to their faces. She is very kind to others and gnever seems to pass an opportunity to do something to make somegnome smile. When she doesn't have somegnome else around to make happy, she loves to be independent by doing the things that leave a silly grin on her own face - like playdates and sleep overs with friends. Ahh... even more giggles and smiles! And just when you think it isn't possible for her to bring any more joy into the garden, she focuses her attention on her animal friends. Whether it be a fish or a dog, small or large... She takes good care of them and always has plenty of hugs and kisses for the most fuzziest of loved ones before she goes to bed, or when she wakes, or leaves for school, or comes home... With Little Lady Smiles around, there is gnever a shortage of love and smiles in the garden.

1 comment:

  1. No wonder Little Lady Smiles has such a positive effect on everygnome around her, she's another to add to my multi-mile long list of favourites. The tiny winy little ladybirds are a work of art, just like all your beautiful gnomes.
    Thank you sooooo much for sharing all these gnomes.
    Waremts best wishes,