Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Picture Perfect

My guess is that this little lady has always been a visual gnome and artsy. When her boys were just young gnomelings, she always tried to take the yummy closeups of them, all the while thinking "That is going to be the best shot ever 'cuz he is just the cutest!!!" Much to her disappointment, she would get the photo back only to discover that they were blurry. Sigh... those were the days before the gnome community adopted digital technology. Oh, don't be too surprised. Even gnomes embrace the changing of times! And look at her gnow! She finds inspiration from so many places, but especially her loved ones who have always had the talent to take magical photos. Her goal is to do that too! And she LOVES it all! There is gnothing like documenting little toes and gnoses and smiles. While she's gnot rich by any means, she really does like what she does. Personally I would call that wealthy beyond compare. She's one lucky lady.

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