Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keeper of the Purple Bottles

Gnomes like shiny things. Who doesn't? In most cases a gnome will stumble upon a shiny item while walking through his little garden. Maybe it is a bead that a person dropped? Or a bottle cap that was tossed as trash? Even a penny is often viewed by the humans as worthless, but the gnomes know better. Every time a gnome is lucky enough to stumble upon such treasures, they get all giddy with excitement and rush home to show their loved ones. Shiny gemstones, missing earrings, lost keys or buttons... as long as it's pretty, the gnomes are more than happy to keep the treasures safe for us. Most of the time, though, the treasures that are found are small in gnature, (you know, items that a human simply doesn't gnotice is missing) but that's gnot the case for the treasure that this little lady found! GREAT. BIG. PURPLE. GLASS. BOTTLES. An entire forest of bottles! Gnever before has she seen such a beautiful sight! This forest of purple glass must be protected, just like the other smaller treasures. Oh goody! As the gnome who was lucky enough to stumble upon such a find, she gets first dibbs at accepting the responsibility of protecting this place of magic! She is giddy with excitement! When can she start?

1 comment:

  1. What a sweetie how kind she is to take responsibility to protect them. Love the colours and pretty swirl decorations on her. The flower in her hair is super cute too.
    Warmest best wishes,