Thursday, February 23, 2012

A True Mountain Gnome

This soul may look small to you and me, but she has had more adventures than you can count! She loves to travel and has seen gardens in every corner of the world. She has seen ancient Gnomish cities and isolated frozen forests, but her favorite place is the harbor Down Under. You could even say that her ideal afternoon would be sitting in the harbor and enjoying the view with a cup of tea. With all her amazing adventures, you might be surprised to know where she calls home. She lives amongst the branches of a tall Conifer tree, where she is always surrounded by the scents that the fresh mountain air brings. For somegnome who tries to immerse herself in beautiful things, the Conifer tree makes the perfect home, where she can enjoy her time with her grandgnomes, doing crafts or hiking down to the stream. She has a knack for making treasured memories with her loved ones - like spending long weekends at the cabin eating Piragi and her GNOMAZING fresh baked scones! She is a true mountain gnome, this one. How she does it, I don't know, but she makes the world seem so small - cozy and filled with love.

1 comment:

  1. Jennifer you just keep creating the most gnomazing wee folk. How do you manage it. It must take you hours to make them all.
    Thanks for sharing them with us. I wonder if you have realised yet how fun it is for us to see and enjoy your beautiful creations.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    Warmest best wishes,