Monday, February 27, 2012


Sometimes you can just look at a gnome and know that she has been through more than any one gnome should have to go through. Her patches may be quite apparent and you can't help but wonder what the story is behind them. Yet, you also question if it matters. Yes this little patchwork of a soul has a story, but what amazes me is that you wouldn't know it by the way she acts. She wants to be just like any other gnomeling, and gno one can stop her from doing just that. She's going to jump and run and laugh and play and sing and leap and love just like all the other friends in the garden. She might actually enjoy those things more than they would because even if she doesn't say it, she knows that there will be bad days. There are some bad days when she has to stay inside the gnursery, too weak to run outdoors, but that doesn't mean the magic has to stay outside! Oh My Gnomes, the magic follows this soul where ever she may go. Maybe she has that effect because she doesn't like to see her loved ones worrying about her? I happen to have my own theory. Magic follows the good souls. And hers is as good as good can get. For a soul who is so much bigger than her body allows her to be, there is gno doubt that the garden has more magic because of her, as we can all use a tiny reminder that life is good, patches and all.

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