Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Worm

Most gnomes live in the garden, each in their tiny little cozy gnooks. Be it in under a mushroom, or in a hollow log, everygnome allows one thing to guide them to finding the location of their home - their gnose. You might have gnoticed by gnow, but everygnome has a big gnose, and for very good reason. The sense of smell is most important to gnomekind. Think about it... the reason most gnomes live in the garden is the variety of smells the outdoors offer. Some like the smell of the moist ground after a rainfall most of all. Some like the smell of the flowers in the garden, while other like the smell of freshly cut grass the best. Gnot this little fella. As luck would have it, he once stumbled into a grand old library and his gnose instantly told him he was home. Oh the smell of grand old books! There was gnothing like it in the entire garden! Gnever before had he felt so cozy, for as you may know, where ever you may find a happy gnose, you will also find a cozy gnome. What about you? What scent tells your gnose that you are home?

1 comment:

  1. Lavender and geranium oil always smell homely and home baked cookies always makes me feel cosy too. I have loved the smell of gnew books and paper since I was young and still do. This adorable little gnome looks so studious with his cute spectacles, I just hope that he hasn't damaged his little eyes yb staying up too late at gnight reading by torch light.
    thank you for letting us meet this wee guy.
    Warmest best wishes,