Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's gno secret that the Gnomish community has long since declared their mission to spread as much joy to the garden around them as possible. Everygnome is expected to jump to the cause, trying to make their corner of the garden a better place by adding just a bit of happiness here and a little smile there, and everygnome understands the gnecessity of such a cause. Gnever before, though, has the garden seen such loyal servants as these two fuzzy souls. Some might even say they take the typical Gnomish dedication and step it up a gnotch or two. With every ounce of their body, they throw themselves into the effort of taking over the garden, gno matter the cost. Taking over the garden!?! Doesn't that sound a bit extreme? Sometimes it takes extreme measures to accomplish such big tasks as this. These two may gnot get the credit they deserve, but I assure you that without the work that they do behind the scenes, there would be little chance that the Gnomish community would be able to achieve such a gnoble goal. Admit it, you can't help but smile right now, right? Well, there you go.

Without a doubt, these two were inspired by the movie Despicable Me.

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