Thursday, January 2, 2014

Search Your Heart

Once upon a garden there lived a little gnomette who was searching for her Love. She searched every corner of the garden for him. She even traveled to the far end of the garden, but even though she searched everywhere she could think, she simply could not find her Love. Then one sunny day, when the skies were as blue as blue can be, she realized her mistake. She had been searching in all the wrong places! She never searched her heart. She never searched her soul. Well, no wonder she didn't find her Love! Silly girl. Everygnome knows that once you take a good look there, you'll search no more. And so she did just that, and what did she see? She saw a vision of her growing old with the Love of her life. She saw them sitting on a park bench, watching the garden pass them by. Every bee seemed to buzz busily around them, and even the snails seemed to rush by the two lovers. Her vision was so clear that when she opened her eyes, there he was, as he had been all along. She just needed to know where to search. And now the little lady can't help but do a happy dance every time she thinks about how she has to search no more.

"Search your heart, search your soul, and when you find me there, you'll search no more."
Lyrics from "Everything I Do, I Do it For You" by Bryan Adams
Our wedding song.

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