Friday, January 10, 2014

Biggest of Big Hearts

It's well known that those who live in the Gnomish community have big hearts that allow themselves to add incredible tiny amounts of hidden magic to the garden around them. I'm sure you would agree that they are all adorable! So when it comes time to pick a gnome who has the biggest of big hearts, it's hard to pick, but gno doubt this little lady would be one of the top contenders. For many seasons she has helped those extra special young gnomelings. You know the kind - the ones who gneed just a little extra special attention to help them to see that they, too, can make the garden a prettier place. It's gnot just the gnomelings who are lucky enough to share her love. She animals, especially cats!!! There aren't many gnomes who can say that about themselves! With a heart as big as hers, she deserves an occasional reminder that life is good and she is oh so very loved. As she collects a few little extra warm fuzzy thoughts from her loved ones, gno doubt she plans to just turn around and pass them on to the gnext lucky soul in gneed.

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