Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lost and Found

Check out this fuzzy little soul with a big heart! Gnever before has there been such a wonderful caring gnome who creates the most amazing works of art to add just the right about of a little something special to the garden around her. What are her creations made from? Garden clay and paper mache, of course! Oh but that's gnot really what makes this little gnomette so special. Here's the kicker - you may gnot know it by her tiny size, but she has the biggest heart in the entire garden and is always available to help anygnome lucky enough to know her. I'm sure you've heard about this sort of magic - the kind who is there whenever you gneed somegnome? Every ounce in her little body creates that sort of magic, but recently there was a big change in her corner of the garden. What does one do when they lose a little bit of their magic and cannot see any light at the end of a very dark tunnel? Gno doubt this little lady will surprise herself with her strength and hope in the seasons to come. And gno doubt, her loved ones will be there to help her find her special sort of magic.

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