Friday, January 10, 2014

Brave Snowflake

The garden has gnever known a Brave soul quite like this incredible gnomette. She has faced a blizzard of happenings this past season or two, but she always manages to appear so strong in spite of the chill! In a time when many would have just lay down and looked at the mess blowing around their lives, this Brave one even remembered to take a snapshot of what it is really all about - JOY. "I choose joy" is definitely a motto for her and her loved ones to live by, and oh my gnomes! They do just that! Through it all, she has remained a rock for those who love her, and gno doubt she will continue to remain a beautiful snowflake in the blizzard around her. In attitude and everything that is gorgeous, she is a true inspiration for those who are lucky enough to ride the blizzard by her side.

The name Tracy means "Brave."

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