Sunday, January 5, 2014

Flurries of Love

Some corners of the garden are known for being colder than cold, especially this time of the year. The wind is icy with a cool brisk chill that cuts to your bones. The ground is covered in tiny sparkling diamonds in a blanket of freshly fallen snow. The world seems so much quieter when there is a blanket of snow covering everything. This corner of the garden holds a powerful magic, for those who are willing to brave the cold. Take this little lady, for example. In spite of it being so chilly outside, she feels warm in fuzzy on the inside and has enough love to keep her loved ones around her nice and cozy too. In fact, she is filled with so much love that even when she thought she her gnest was empty, she did gnot hesitate to invite more gnomelings in. Gnow she flutters from here to there, and gno doubt the gnomelings have flourished under her care. She guides them with love, patience and a bit of that steel frost in her backbone. The flurries of love that surround her makes her little corner of the garden feel warm and cozy in spite of the cold winter weather.

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