Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Pumpkin King

In a hidden corner of the garden, there lives a small group of gnomes whose jobs were to help plan for gnext year's Halloween season. This is gno ordinary job, for it takes a great deal of organization mixed in with a great deal of fun. Finding the balance between light-hearted tricks with just a bit of scare to them is gnot something many can do, and where to draw that line is almost always a source of debate amongst those in the Gnomish community. It is for this reason that they elected a Pumpkin King. This creepy little soul knows just the perfect balance between tricks and treats. And his ideas are marvelous, if I do say so myself! Accompanied by his sidekick ghost of a dog, he is able to make every Halloween just a bit scarier than the last. It doesn't take long to realize that could spell trouble. As I mentioned before, it can be so easy to cross over that line. Luckily, the Pumpkin King has a secret to his magic. It's his Love. She keeps him balanced and grounded. Together the three of them create a level of Halloween magic that Gnomes from across the garden look forward to with anxious anticipation all year long.

Without a doubt, these two were inspired by the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.

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